The members of the local authority of Hejőkürt have offered their one-month stipends for the installation of the loudspeaker -system into the local church building. The Mayor of Hejőkürt and the notary have also taken part in this action.
With further cooperation and donations of the members and officials of the congragation they have managed to renovate the benches of the church.


On the basis of the decision of the consistory of the founding members we intend to establish a foundation which can act as a legal person.
The name of the foundation is : For the Roman Catholic Chiuch of Hejőkürt village
The aim of the foundation is:Renovation of the Roman Catholic church building, ensuring the conditions for religious life. Minor repairs have been done thanks to the local donations but the outside renovation cannot be even started as the costs are estimated to be more than 10 million FTs. Constant source of danger is the peeling off the plaster . It is necessary to rebuild the wooden frame of the church tower, to repaint the plates on the top of the tower and to renovate the walls. The starting capital of the foundation is 500.000 Fts which comes from the rental fee of the church-owned lands. The local authority of Hejőkürt supported the starting capital of the foundation with 100.000 Fts. The legal attorney Szűcs Lajos has written the legal documents free of charge.


'The foundation is open to be supported by either Hungarian or foreign people and organizations without natural legal entities in form of financial donation or other help."We turn to good-hearted and generous people , companies, firms enterpreneurs and call on them to donate to this worthy cause and help us reach our aims. We would like to renovate our church which is now in very bad condition-anyway it is a gem baroque architecture -to preserve it for the next generation and improve our religious life.

Bank Account Number: 10102770-55043200-01000008

International Bank Account Number: HU53-10102770-55043200-01000008


Contact us:
Mobil:+36/ 06 /20/ 422- 7403
Fax: +36 06 /49/ 352- 627

Károly Bóta
president of the board of the foundation

Polgármesteri köszöntő
Felújított római katolikus templom
2007. május 27. Átadásra került az orvosi rendelő




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